Tahoe Trucks

Barber lateral motion 50-ton trucks


Barber lateral motion 50-ton trucks

The Barber Lateral Motion device used steel rollers and a roller seat between the bolster and springs to provide a little side-to-side
movement of the car body to the track, resulting in a smoother ride.

U-section trucks with this feature were manufactured from the early 1920s to the late 1930s.  Railroads that used this style of truck
included ATSF, B&O, CB&Q, CN, CP, CV, CofG, C&NW, C&EI, ERIE, DL&W, GTW, IC, MP, NP, RI, SL-SF, SP, T&NO, T&P, UP, and WP. Also PFE and SFRD.

All Tahoe trucks feature one-piece black acetal plastic moldings with separate brake shoe detail, and non-magnetic, insulated metal RP-25 contour wheelsets.
Trucks are also available with "semi-scale" (.088” wide) wheels.