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Apple Store House - Brick

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Apple Store House - Brick

Central Washington is known as one of the world's finest apple growing regions with its warm sunny summer, volcanic soils, and plenty of irrigation. The Great Northern Railway recognized the opportunity and built a row of brick apple storage and packing houses at Olds Station near the confluence of the Columbia and Wenatchee rivers. Fruit grower cooperatives and private orchard owners built a variety of packing houses in the region as well, using brick, tile, stone, concrete and wood in their construction.

The brick version is similar to the Olds Station facility, and the concrete version is an adaptation there of. And for the bumper crop, we combine the two for a two-story brick over concrete version best built into a hillside (1-1/2" tall) along its length.

Kits include my fine scale white Hydrocal wall castings and seamed metal roof constructed in styrene. Ten pages of step-by-step instructions including some delicious apple recipes.

100 Apple Crates included

Includes are full color apple crate end label art, stripwood and instructions.

You can order an additional 100 crates above.

Each is 33' wide by 120' long in HO! (4-1/2" x 16-1/2")