40 Ft Stone Arch Bridge

40 Ft. Stone Arch Bridge

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40 Ft. Stone Arch Bridge

The 40 ft. Stone Arch Bridge was inspired by John Allen's original viaduct combining stone with ornate brick railings on his original section of the famed G&D layout.

This classic stone arch bridge could be quietly tucked away in a corner of your layout or it could be dramatically displayed as the highlight or your railroad.

The bridge is designed to fit under a typical wood framework of 2-7/8" wide- 1/2" plywood and 1/2" Homasote roadbed. Because of its modular design you can expand your bridge into a grand multi-span viaduct with as many additional spans as you like. You can also heighten it with taller piers and abutments.

Minimal two-track NMRA clearance underneath arch if base of bridge is railhead height, on 2 inch centers.

Kits include a pair of finely detailed arch faces, barrels, did I mention that they too are stone textured, pilasters and winged abutments all cast in white Hydrocal. Comes with complete coloring and assembly instructions.

Matches my Hand-carved Stone, coarse (HCS-c) stock casting.